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★★★★★  iOS rating     ★★★★★  Android rating

The Only Holistic Period & Ovulation Calculator

★★★★★  iOS rating     ★★★★★  Android rating

The Only Holistic Period & Ovulation Calculator

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Illuminate your cycle & nurture your well-being

Introducing Spinning Wheels – featuring an accurate ovulation calculator, period calculator, and comprehensive tracking of period symptoms. Available for iOS and Android, Spinning Wheels enhances Women’s Health and empowers you at every stage of your life.

Reconnect with you.

Embrace the natural cycles and connect with the rhythms of your body in connection to the cycles of the moon and earth. Engage in daily readings, journal entries, and logs, and experience the transformative power of aligning with your body's natural cycles.

This app is incredible: finally a tool to comprise reference between my cycle, the moon cycle and all other cycles in nature. What is generated is a map of my life in the "now", a clear compass to gain illumination and insights from my menstrual experience! Thank you!!!


This app helps me keep track of my menstrual cycle and connects me to the moon and seasons at the same time. Now I only have to check one app, and it means I can tune in to my cycle's superpowers and stay in sync with everything else too.


There's no other app like this on the market for women. Connecting my own cycle to the rest of the cycles of the earth and moon with a daily reading to see where I'm at. As well as protected data! That is epic! We all need it. Thank you.


I have used a few menstrual tracking apps before but spinning wheels is definitely the best I've used yet. I love all the added features which the basic tracking apps don't have.


Women's Health tracking and cycle prediction like never before

Experience personalized menstrual cycle tracking, connecting you to the natural rhythms of life. Spinning Wheels offers comprehensive ovulation tracking, including the natal lunar phase return, daily health tracking, long term fertility planning and assistance.

Unlock Your Motherhood Journey: Empowering Support for Conception and Connection

Empower yourself as a mother with personalized menstrual cycle tracking and education, tailored to your unique needs. Receive support for conception, fertility, and a deeper connection to your body and the natural world, even amidst busy lives and responsibilities.

Embrace the Power of Menopause: Stay Connected to Your Continuing Cycles with the Spinning Wheels

Prepare to discover a transformative journey. Spinning Wheels empowers post-menopausal women as your body continues the deep connection to nature beyond the menstrual cycle. Spinning Wheels provides innovative support in understanding and navigating the menopausal transformation, fostering a harmonious alignment with the cycles of nature and the moon to maintain a deep connection throughout your life.