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Nurturing Motherhood: Harmonizing Fertility with Lunar and Earth Cycles

Simplify your life as a busy mother with the Spinning Wheels app. Track your menstrual and lunar cycles effortlessly, even amidst your hectic schedule, gaining valuable insights into your body, mood, and energy levels. Spinning Wheels takes the guesswork out of cycle awareness, connecting you to the natural rhythms of your life. Spinning Wheels makes it easier than ever to navigate motherhood while staying connected to your body and the cycles.

Take control of your fertility planning

Gain a deeper understanding of your fertility windows to help you make informed decisions about getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. Spinning Wheels can track your monthly ovulation and inform you when your Natal Lunar Phase Return occurs, ensuring you know precisely when you are most fertile. Take advantage of the extra opportunities to conceive or make informed choices to avoid pregnancy. With Spinning Wheels, you have the tools you need to navigate your fertility journey with confidence and flexibility.

Nurturing Connection, Balance and Bonding

Enhance your connection with your children, your family and friends and more easily foster deeper connection and harmony in your life. Spinning Wheels takes care of all the calculations, effortlessly tracking your cycle progress and synchronizing it with the cosmic rhythms. Spend just a few moments each day to know where you're at, empowering you to take timely and easy actions. Find encouragement for connection amidst your busy life and numerous responsibilities, as Spinning Wheels supports you in embracing the beauty of the cycles within and around you.

I have used a few menstrual tracking apps before but spinning wheels is definitely the best I've used yet. I love all the added features which the basic tracking apps don't have.


There's no other app like this on the market for women. Connecting my own cycle to the rest of the cycles of the earth and moon with a daily reading to see where I'm at. As well as protected data! That is epic! We all need it. Thank you.


This app is incredible: finally a tool to comprise reference between my cycle, the moon cycle and all other cycles in nature. What is generated is a map of my life in the "now", a clear compass to gain illumination and insights from my menstrual experience! Thank you!!!


This app helps me keep track of my menstrual cycle and connects me to the moon and seasons at the same time. Now I only have to check one app, and it means I can tune in to my cycle's superpowers and stay in sync with everything else too.