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Frequently asked questions

How does the Spinning Wheels app predict my ovulation?

Spinning Wheels will estimate your ovulation dates based on the length of your luteal phase in the user settings. By default, it will use the average of 14 days.

What is the Luteal Phase?

The luteal phase is the length of time in days between ovulation and the first day of bleeding. This is the second half of your cycle and it is usually a fixed length of time, the average is 14 days, the range in wellness (as opposed to pathology) is 10 – 17 days.

What happens if I don't know the length of my luteal phase?

To determine the length of the luteal phase, follow these steps:

  1. Keep daily track of your menstrual cycle through the “Track” button above the Spinning Wheels (Free Version) or in more detail, using the Calendar (Included with Membership).
  2. Identify the day of ovulation. This can be done by monitoring changes in basal body temperature, cervical mucus, or using ovulation testing kits.
  3. Count the number of days from the day after ovulation until the first day of your next menstrual period.
  4. The resulting count is the length of your luteal phase; enter this number in your user settings.

Remember that the average length of the luteal phase is around 14 days, but it can vary. By tracking your cycles consistently, you can better understand your individual pattern and identify any irregularities that may require further attention.

Is it free to track my cycle?

Yes, you can track your cycle for free using the initial download of the Spinning Wheels app, which offers customizable daily tracking functionality. There is also a membership available for additional features, including a calendar with note-taking and full editing options.

Our core value is to provide free cycle tracking capabilities, ensuring that all women have access to education, empowerment, and the ability to track their cycles, regardless of their financial situation. We believe in making this functionality available to every woman with a smart phone, promoting inclusivity and empowerment for all.

Why is it called Spinning Wheels?

The first version of the Spinning Wheels, was a set of printed circles that were connected together at the central point and each could rotate by hand. There were four circles or wheels, one each for the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, the earth seasons cycle and our life seasons cycle just like the Spinning Wheels section of the app. These wheels are rotated or spun, to align with the individual’s experience on any particular day to give them information about each cycle so they could make sense of, and understand, why they felt the way they did.

Can I use this app if I don't have a menstrual cycle?

Everyone can use this app to learn about the cycles, record daily information, get notifications for lunar phases and Earth sabbats and natal lunar phase returns.

For women navigating the menopausal transformation, Spinning Wheels provides innovative support in understanding and embracing the process, fostering a harmonious alignment with the cycles of nature and the moon.

What is the Natal Lunar Phase Return (NLPR)?

The Natal Lunar Phase Return (NLPR) refers to the moon returning to the same phase it was in at the time of a person’s birth. It signifies the completion of a full lunar cycle, which spans approximately 29.5 days.

What are the red bars and clouds in the calendar?

The red line indicates your bleeding days either in the past, or predicted in the future, unless you have switched off the period predicting process.

The clouds represent the days leading up to your period when you are likely to feel more inward.

The pink lines are the ovulation prediction that will be based on the information you entered in the signup settings – your last period starting date and the length of your luteal phase.

This app is incredible: finally a tool to comprise reference between my cycle, the moon cycle and all other cycles in nature. What is generated is a map of my life in the "now", a clear compass to gain illumination and insights from my menstrual experience! Thank you!!!


This app helps me keep track of my menstrual cycle and connects me to the moon and seasons at the same time. Now I only have to check one app, and it means I can tune in to my cycle's superpowers and stay in sync with everything else too.


There's no other app like this on the market for women. Connecting my own cycle to the rest of the cycles of the earth and moon with a daily reading to see where I'm at. As well as protected data! That is epic! We all need it. Thank you.


I have used a few menstrual tracking apps before but spinning wheels is definitely the best I've used yet. I love all the added features which the basic tracking apps don't have.