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Embrace the rhythms of your life by connecting with your cycle

Unlock the power of personalized period tracking and harmonize with the natural rhythms that shape your life. Gain valuable insights into your moods and energy levels, seamlessly track your cycle with our intuitive calendar, prediction tools and readings. Experience the transformative connection to the lunar cycle, Earth's seasons, the stages of your life, discovering actionable steps to incorporate this knowledge into your daily journey.

Predict & Manage Your Fertility

Whether you're trying to conceive or seeking contraception, Spinning Wheels provides comprehensive ovulation tracking, including support for conception and fertility. Additionally, if your goal is to avoid pregnancy, Spinning Wheels offers valuable assistance by tracking ovulation and incorporating the Natal Lunar Phase Return into the prediction calendar.

Embrace the Hidden Harmony: Unveiling Your Connection to Lunar and Earth Cycles

Experience a profound connection to the natural world and your own body with readings that link your menstrual cycle to the seasons of life, the Earth, and the Moon. Stay connected and empowered, even in the midst of busy lives, and embrace the profound impact of cycles on your wellbeing.

I have used a few menstrual tracking apps before but spinning wheels is definitely the best I've used yet. I love all the added features which the basic tracking apps don't have.


There's no other app like this on the market for women. Connecting my own cycle to the rest of the cycles of the earth and moon with a daily reading to see where I'm at. As well as protected data! That is epic! We all need it. Thank you.


This app is incredible: finally a tool to comprise reference between my cycle, the moon cycle and all other cycles in nature. What is generated is a map of my life in the "now", a clear compass to gain illumination and insights from my menstrual experience! Thank you!!!


This app helps me keep track of my menstrual cycle and connects me to the moon and seasons at the same time. Now I only have to check one app, and it means I can tune in to my cycle's superpowers and stay in sync with everything else too.